It is already the last weekend of August, so it seemed a good time to reflect on the past month. It feels as if I started this blog ages ago, when in fact it’s only been a little over 3 weeks. So far it has really helped me. Not only am I more motivated to do more with my days, but, of course, I also started writing more. Writing is what I love doing, so that has been the main benefit of this blog up until now.

Besides writing, in August I have focused on doing more of what I love. I went for more walks, re-started a training program and now I work out around 3-4 times a week, I started reading more, worked on a photo album and tried new recipes. Of course I still watch TV and series, but it is more balanced now and I get a lot more done in one day. I set myself a limit of an X amount of episodes a day, and so far it’s been going pretty well (apart from a few slip-ups). Within the theme of “being me” I also wanted to start wearing the clothes that I like. So often, I find myself too scared to wear this or that, in fear of what “everyone else” might think. Rationally, I know that this does not matter and that people pay way less attention to what other people are wearing than I assume, but I still have that little voice in my head that tells me otherwise. For example, today I worked out with a friend in a park nearby, and I decided to wear my very colourful yoga pants – but last minute, I changed my mind and left the house in my usual black pants. I felt slightly annoyed with myself but also remembered that it is a process – I cannot change every habit that I have developed in one month. I did buy a new skirt that is a bit out of my comfort zone (I have yet to wear it, but I figured the first day back at university would be a good day) and a jumper that I like so much I would wear everyday if it was socially acceptable to do so. Another little victory: I bought an earcuff and wore it. It is such a small thing, but everything that is even slightly out of the ordinary or visible to the human eye feels like a huge billboard when I wear it. I saw more people wearing earcuffs and thought this was a nice, small step to begin with – and once I started wearing mine, I even received some compliments. Something else that I did in August that made me very happy (not necessarily whilst doing it, but certainly now that I am finished) was de-cluttering my room. I got rid of bags and bags filled with stuff I did not even remember I owned, and knowing that there is order in my room, leaves me with more room in my head. I know what I own and where I can find everything, so now the challenge for September will be to keep it that way.

When I started looking back on August as my “me-month” yesterday, a perfect moment presented itself. I was sitting in my chair after doing some stretching exercises (I use Elle Fit Active’s Get Bendy guide), turned on some music and grabbed my Game of Thrones book. One of the other students living in my house had a few friends over and I could hear them screaming and laughing and talking. And I was sitting quietly in my room, listening to The Lord of the Rings soundtrack and reading. I know some people would find that excruciatingly boring – I am a student, and I should spend my time drinking, and partying, and drinking some more. But as I was listening to the music, something hit me: I am happier being here than I would be downstairs, partying with them (I was invited but politely declined). I do enjoy evenings out and dancing, but only once in a while. Most of the time, I am perfectly fine either having a quiet night in by myself, or hanging out with some friends, cooking, talking and playing games. For me it is not about who can drink the most or stay out the latest – I enjoy the moments where I can actually hear myself think, or the moments in which I am rolling on the floor laughing because of something my friends said. Most nights I would gladly choose that over dancing in a room with a bunch of strangers and deafening music. Most nights – on occasion I do embrace the student in me.

Now that we are leaving August behind us, it is time to focus on September. I have my goals written out and am reading for the new month. So ready, that I started some of my resolutions a little early. I bought some flowers to start off the week on a happy note, and had my first elaborate Sunday-morning breakfast ritual. I made myself a delicious bowl with oats and apple, had a perfectly cooked egg and drank some Twinings tea. It felt a bit strange to spend so much time on having breakfast, all by myself,  but on the other hand it was good to create the time to eat and actually enjoy the food instead of mindlessly stuffing food in my mouth whilst watching TV. I even took some pictures of the breakfast – I love photography and want to spend more time with my camera, so I figured I could still take up something I love on the second-to-last day of August. Sunday Mornings2

Flowers from the market: student-budget-friendly and they smell lovely!

Sunday Mornings1

My first Sunday Morning elaborate breakfast. In my new PJs with some nice music in the background – a perfect start of the day.

Sunday Mornings3

This cup! It was a gift from my parents, they bought it in Austria. I cannot get over the cuteness of this cup and have already located a store in the city that sells them as well – do I feel an addiction surfacing? 

As I was typing this last sentence, my eye fell on the moon outside and I was struck by its beauty – low in the sky, enormous, golden and gleaming. A very nice sight to round up the week, the weekend and a successful first month of my Happiness Project.

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