Hello from the other side. I felt inspired to write a new blog post because of my serious, rekindled Adele-addiction. Ever since her new song Hello came out a few days ago I have been listening to it – over and over and over again. I remember that, at first, I did not care much for Adele’s music. A distant, distant past. I did not really like Chasing Pavements but when I lived in England, one of her other songs was recommended on YouTube and I gave it a try. I ordered her CD, 21, and ever since, I am hooked. It would be such an understatement to say that she has a beautiful voice, but boy, she does really have a beautiful voice. Sometimes I find myself scrolling through my iTunes, looking for a song but at the same time not knowing which one. It is almost as if I am looking for something that does not exist. Since Friday I do not have to think about what I want to listen to anymore. Adele. Hello. On repeat.

There’s not many songs that I can listen to all day but this one gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. I have been recommending Hello to almost everyone I talk to (seriously, go listen to it!) and so far I haven’t talked to anyone who doesn’t like it. It has already been viewed about 55 million times on YouTube – such an accomplishment after having been gone a few years. Her voice seems more mature and open (does that make sense?) than on her previous album; I didn’t know it was possible for her to become even better. I cannot wait to hear what she will sound like in ten, twenty years – but first I will have to wait for her CD. It’s going to be a long, long month.

I know I have written about music before, but something dawned on me a few weeks ago. For one of my university courses I had to do some creative writing, and one of the themes I was writing about was “Home”. During the course I laughed a few times about using the writing as therapy – I addressed issues that I had long put off writing about. Writing about home – or rather, the lack of feeling at home – took some digging and some tears but I guess it is true what people say. Writing things down does help. I wrote about some of the bad experiences I had while living in England, and it does really feel lighter when I think about it now. However, writing about a theme such as “home” also got me thinking about the concept more and more. With the exams coming up I have been very busy, and to relax at night I found that listening to music really helped me. And not just random music, but the artists that I haven written about before: the music that my dad got me addicted to. When I listen to Leonard Cohen or Damien Rice, something happens. I am starting to relax – and not just in a “I like listening to music” kind of way. It honestly feels as if, cliché as it may be, everything is going to be okay. Then suddenly it hit me why it felt that way. Of course I love Cohen’s music because of his brilliant, deep voice and his lyrics, but I think part of the reason I listen to him so much is because I associate him with home. It is what I grew up with, what my parents used to, and still, listen to; and when I listen to that music when I am alone in my small room and far away from them, it makes me feel at home.

Unfortunately I cannot just lie in bed and listen to music all day because of the upcoming exams. My motivation to study is still hard to find sometimes (often) but I am trying my best to just ignore that and get on with it. It has been a hectic week and I have been reminded of what is important in life. When something bad happens it’s easier to put things in perspective again and eventually, it’s easier to get back to all those others things because the pressure just is not that high anymore. Of course university is important to me, but compared to hospital visits and sickness, failing an exam is such a small thing. That being said, I am going to try my hardest to pass my literature exam on Tuesday. Overall, I have been feeling quite calm this month. Eating healthy and working out is getting easier again, and I spend more time on my yoga mat. I bought some autumn decorations for my room to make it feel a bit more cosy. I am even able to stick fairly well to September’s resolutions of making my bed, having nice Sunday morning breakfasts, and going for more walks.

Apart from exams, there is also some exciting stuff happening next week. I will be starting my mindfulness course on Wednesday which I am very much looking forward to. On Saturday, I am spending the day with friends, making Halloween themed cookies and watching films. On Sunday it is the 1st of November already, and also the start of #nanowrimo: National Novel Writing Month. A friend of mine is doing it as well so perhaps this will be the very first year that I will be able to write the entire month without stopping halfway through. According to my Happiness Project planning, November is going to be my writing month – writing. every. single. day. With every early morning and late night I will see the final word count of 50.000 come closer. It will definitely be worth it.

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