Hi! Welcome to breathesmilebliss. I started this blog a couple of years ago, to share my thoughts on happiness and write about things that make me happy. A depression and anxiety-related problems put my writings to a halt, but I’m ready to pick up my pen again.

A little something about me: I’m a 23-year-old who loves to read, write and wander through nature. In nature I feel myself calm down and, as my thoughts take a step back, I am able to appreciate the world for its beauty rather than focussing on everything that’s wrong. I have been following a plantbased diet for over two years now and I love cooking – but I have to admit that I love the lazy Sundays when my boyfriend and I don’t leave the house except to get some take-away pizza. On my more active days, I practise yoga — I found that it helps to calm my mind and cope with the high sensitivity that I often struggle with. I lose myself in good music and some of my happiest memories are at concerts.  There’s just something about a group of likeminded people getting together to experience a magical evening.

On this blog, I’ll take you on a trip into my day-to-day life, sharing not only those longed-for sparks of happiness, but also about my mental struggles and what I do to brighten those dark days.

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